Hello, World.

So I started a blog. This may not last. You might not read it anyway. Actually, if you're not reading this right now, let me know why and I'll try to fix it.

DevOps. Some people hate the word. Personally I find it encapsulates what I've been trying to do with my career for a long time - bridge that gap between writing software and deploying software (and keeping it running). And that in turn, requires sufficient coding knowhow to troubleshoot issues after deployment, automate tasks, monitor production systems and so on - and do it elegantly. Make it maintainable. Use version control. Write reusable code and scripts that are modular - all that Good Stuff. As for the 'Fu', refer to the New Hacker's Dictionary for that.

This site runs on Ghost, in a Windows Azure Web Site. In fact, Azure is the reason I found Ghost in the first place, since it is now a first class Azure citizen in the Web App Gallery. Although it currently doesn't show up in that list, you'll definitely find it within the gallery in the Azure management portal:

Ghost in the Azure Gallery

In a few clicks, you can have a fully-functional Ghost site in Azure - which is exactly how I started. I tried a few blogging and CMS platforms from the Azure Gallery before trying (and sticking with) Ghost. I highly recommend it.

I use a theme by Raphael Riegger which I very slightly modified. I keep the site under version control using a Git repository hosted at Visual Studio Online, using continuous deployment.

Enough waffle. Content here soon.